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Martin Rothwell Martin Rothwell - Managing Director

We're always looking for new ways to offer the best and most comprehensive insurance services possible. And to do that we're happy to work with other businesses. So if you would like to offer one of our insurance products to your customers, let's talk. We can help to develop and administer a brand new insurance package for you too. In fact, we can provide quote, sales and after-care services if it suits. All dedicated to your brand, of course.

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Manage our insurance packages as if they were your own

Want to offer our insurance services through your website? You can. We've white-labelled all of our necessary computer systems so you can even add your own branding. Our quote engine has a service oriented architecture and has been developed to the highest specifications. We can integrate it with almost any system. Just add your personal touch and you'll be up and running in no time.

Create an extra revenue stream for your online business

If you have a website and would like a kickback from adding some text links or rich media ads to your site then get in touch. We're happy to talk. And with our range of comprehensive and cost-effective policies, you can rest assured you'll be giving your visitors the chance to snap up a fairer deal on their travel insurance.

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Compare our prices – with no gimmicks or giveaways - just great value policies

We are always happy to talk to aggregators and comparison sites to offer brilliant deals on travel insurance of all types. That's because we know we're competitive and offer brilliant value on all our policies. So if you want to work with us, get in touch.

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