We work with the very best so our customers get a better deal.

How we work

Martin Rothwell Martin Rothwell - Managing Director

Specialist insurance at a price that's fair. As far as philosophies go, it's pretty simple. But it's something we've strived towards since day one, way back in 1973. It's no different today. Sure, we've grown and are now a wholly owned subsidiary of CSP Holding Limited, which includes Lloyds' Brokers, Crispin Speers & Partners Ltd (CSP), but our core values remain.

It's all about trust. We promise our customers a fair deal and we work with the best underwriters in the business to make sure it happens. We've invested heavily in our front and back office systems too, from policy administration to custom-made quote engines. In fact, we manage everything in-house from our office in Exeter. That's why both our customers and partners can expect a refreshingly personal approach to insurance.

We think it's better that way.

We keep it personal

Martin Rothwell, our Managing Director, oversees everything. That includes Rothwell & Towler's underwriting, marketing, development, IT and media teams. This approach filters down through the entire company and is reflected in our customer service, choice of policies and attention to detail when it comes to dealing with customer claims.

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